Why duplication isn’t always a bad thing in micro-services

From an early development age, I was taught, that duplication is a bad thing. Especially when it comes to storing data. Relational databases were invented to show data that relates to each other and be able to store them efficiently. There are even a few normalization rules, to be able to avoid data redundancy. We… Continue reading Why duplication isn’t always a bad thing in micro-services

Getting started with Microsoft Orleans

Microsoft Orleans is a developer-friendly framework for building distributed, high-scale computing applications. It does not require from developer to implement concurrency and data storage model. It requires developer to use predefined code blocks and enforces application to be build in a certain way. As a result Microsoft Orleans empowers developer with a framework with an… Continue reading Getting started with Microsoft Orleans

Azure Service Bus – introduction

Azure Service Bus is a Microsoft implementation of a messaging system, that works seamlessly in the cloud and does not require to set up a server of any kind. Messaging is a good alternative for communication between micro-services. Let’s compare the two. REST communication contract constrains may be a risk synchronous model be default load… Continue reading Azure Service Bus – introduction