Getting messages from Service Bus queue

In the previous post I discussed how to implement sending messages. In this post I will show how to receive messages. The simplest code looks like this:

Program will now receive a message, parse body as string and output it on console. But messages should be read as they appear, so there need to… Continue reading Getting messages from Service Bus queue

Sending messages to Azure Service Bus queue

To connect to Azure Service Bus you need to import nuget package: WindowsAzure.ServiceBus. Next step would be getting a connection string to your resource group. It can be found in Azure Portal, in Service Bus section. It should look like this: Copy connection string – primary key and paste it in App.config file. A key… Continue reading Sending messages to Azure Service Bus queue

Azure Service Bus – introduction

Azure Service Bus is a Microsoft implementation of a messaging system, that works seamlessly in the cloud and does not require to set up a server of any kind. Messaging is a good alternative for communication between micro-services. Let’s compare the two. REST communication contract constrains may be a risk synchronous model be default load… Continue reading Azure Service Bus – introduction