About me

My name is Michał Białecki and I’m a Legacy Code Ninja that specializes in converting legacy code into well-designed, tested solutions with modern architecture.

I have more than 10 years of experience in C#/.NET and design patterns, dividing monolith into micro-services, bringing projects and systems into an event-driven architecture utilizing the best of a Microsoft Azure cloud.

Let’s stay in touch, you can reach me on these social platforms:

Hands-on Entity Framework Core 5

A practical handbook to understand what Entity Framework Core 5 is capable of. From the history of Entity Framework, through migrations, working with DbContext, creating and using relationships, to writing unit tests. This book will get you through the study process focusing on learning all the important things to use in a real project. Along with this book, you’ll get a demonstration project hosted on GitHub, where you can find all the examples from the book. This gives you the possibility to instantly jump from the book to the project and test all the technical innovations learned. Also to boost your learning speed, I prepared a list of assignments to do after every technical chapter.

Here is the link to Amazon.

Learn Microsoft ASP.Net Core 3.0 fast – Udemy course

With this course, you will learn how to build modern Web APIs with ASP.Net Core 3.0. You will learn step by step, how to create new Web API, implements controllers and endpoints and how to process and respond to a web request. I’ll show you how to introduce Dependency Injection, error handling, logging and provide configuration. We will connect to SQL database with EntityFramework Core and Dapper. We will deploy our application in Azure and check its performance with Application Insights.

Here is a link to Udemy.