Accept XML request in ASP.Net MVC Controller

How to receive a request as an XML in ASP.Net MVC Controller?

This is a question that I got at my work when integrating with third-party service. MVC Controller is not ideal for such request handling, but that was the task I got, so let’s get to it. This is an XML that I need to accept:

I tried a few solutions with built-in parameter deserialization but none seem to work and finally, I went with deserializing a request in a method body. I created a helper generic class for it:

I decorated my DTO with xml attributes:

And used all of that in a controller:

To use it, just send a request using for example Postman. I’m sending POST request to http://localhost:51196/documents/sendDocument endpoint with xml body mentioned above. One detail worth mentioning is a header. Add Content-Type: text/xml, or request to work.

And it works:

.Net Core API solution

While my task is solved I wondered how it should be solved if I could do it differently. My choice is obvious – use controller that has better API support and .Net Core. Document DTO will look the same, but deserialization is way simpler. Everything can be done with the help of the framework.

In Startup class in ConfigureServices method, you should have:

And my DocumentsController looks like this:

And that’s it! Sending the same document to api/documents/SendDocument endpoint just works.

Can I accept both XML and Json in one endpoint?

Yes, you can. It does not require any change to the code posted above, it’s just a matter of formatting input data correctly. The same XML document from above will look in Json like that:

I’m not sure why I couldn’t use built-in framework deserialization in MVC Controller class. Maybe I did something wrong or this class is just not made for such a case. Probably WebApi Controller would handle it much smoother.

All code posted here you can find at my GitHub repository:

I wrote a nice post about parallel processing in .Net Core, you might want to have a look:





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