Azure Cosmos DB – key-value database in the cloud

Azure CosmosDB table API is a key-value storage hosted in the cloud. It’s a part of Azure Cosmos DB, that is Microsoft’s multi-model database. It’s a globally distributed, low latency, high throughput solution with client SDKs available for .NET, Java, Python, and Node.js. Interesting thing is that Microsoft guarantees that for a typical 1KB item read… Continue reading Azure Cosmos DB – key-value database in the cloud

Relational vs non-relational databases

Both relational and non-relational databases represent rather wide variety of possibilities and implementations but I’ll focus on the main differences between the two. First of all, it is about how data is managed. In relational databases you can use SQL, that is simple and lightweight language for writing database scripts. Non-relational databases do not support… Continue reading Relational vs non-relational databases

Getting started with Microsoft Orleans

Microsoft Orleans is a developer-friendly framework for building distributed, high-scale computing applications. It does not require from developer to implement concurrency and data storage model. It requires developer to use predefined code blocks and enforces application to be build in a certain way. As a result Microsoft Orleans empowers developer with a framework with an… Continue reading Getting started with Microsoft Orleans